Project of modular house SM 47-2

Отделка фасада деревом Планировка двух модульного дома

Description of the project

The project of wooden modular house with the total area 47 square meters, which give always coziness in any seasons as winter or as summer. Our modular houses are for all year round living. Besides, the house is functionally and laconic. The squares of house so light and practical
The base complectation include of the ventilation facade type with the imitation of timber final covering, which give the house especial view. There can use different exterior design covering and also forms of roof, in depend of your wishes.
Better feature of our modular type houses consist of less time for construction then framing houses. Also you don't need so much time to make basement, because it can make in the process, when build house.
The easily and simple of assambling house give the ability instail the construction without destroyed landscape and plants on the place, as it will be with the build. Without dust and dirtiness on your place..

The house is fully producing in the plant, which give such more positive results:
  • You are knew all information for costs st the moment of order, what can not say about general build, where in the process the first calculate estimates are growth up more then 50%.
  • After the assambling you can stand the furniture and living in tge new comfortable and coziness house!
  • The addition ability to transportate house in any other place with your wishes.
  • Also can widen the living area with add moduluses


Discuss about details of complectation and review woth some simples of mofular house, also enroll to the look house you can in our office. The adress: Kyiv city, 13 Eugene Sverstiuk Str. Independent entry, 2 floor.

We are with great pleassure give answers for all your questions! Calling: +38 (096) 959 57 18,+38 (068) 371 55 45

The base complectation of set include fot themself:

Square of the house 47 sq.m
Exterion decorating imitation of timber
Roof flat roof with bitumen tiles
Interion decorating decorete vinyl wall-paper panels
Floor in the rooms – linoleum, bathroom unit ceramic tile
Insulation mineral wadding 100 mm
Communication engeneering electricity, water supply, drainage, ventilation
Doors hall door-metal, interior doors PVC
Windows metal and plastic Rehau

Addition options (click there for more information)

Roof skillion roof with bitumen tile skillion, double pitch, hipped roof with bitumen tile
Interior decorating imitation of timber
Floor parquet board + tile “heat floor” under laminate, tile
Insulation addition insulation 150 mm addition insulation 200 mm
Communication engeneering wires of layout with furniture in the metal hose and power panel instaillation of electro convector with termo-regulator
Hall doors + windows timber and two chamber glasspackage plastic-metal 60, 70 mm with and two chamber glasspackage
Interior doors wooden (veneer)
Terrace oak boards with pergola at entrance pine boards with pergola at entrance
Assambling on the place with base roof on the place with skillion, double pitch, hipped roof

Configured house



Kyiv city, 13 Eugene Sverstiuka str.


Work time: Mon-Fri from 9 am to 6 p.m